July 2022 ATDBR Membership Meeting

Date/Time:  July 26, 2022 (11:30am - 1:00pm)

Location:  Goodwood Library (Large Meeting Room)

To move your initiatives forward, you need help from team members, key stakeholders, clients, and many more. You need to convince them of your idea and how it will benefit the company. Your ideas may be getting overlooked, initiatives are not moving forward, and it’s frustrating. You need to efficiently learn to deliver powerful presentations with confidence and get the buy-in you need.

In her presentation, Melinda Lee shares strategies to overcome fear of “all eyes on you” and ways to connect with your audience. The strategies Melinda teaches will help you deliver powerful presentations to move your initiatives forward with confidence.

In this presentation, you will:

• Uncover ways you might be sabotaging yourself without even knowing it

• Discover a key technique to influence people to get on board with you right away

• Learn a crucial negotiating technique so you can help people to rethink their position

• Get techniques to calm your nervous system, so you can speak to a larger audience and make more impact

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