The Baton Rouge Chapter of ATD provides approximately 100 members with a forum for the exchange of professional development opportunities and resources as they strive to improve workplace learning and performance. Our members include workforce development, performance improvement, and human resources professionals from corporate, academic, and community entities across the Greater Baton Rouge metropolitan area.


The first meeting to form ATD was held in Baton Rouge, Louisiana in 1943. The association was officially established in 1944 and today, there are over 140 chapters across the United States.  Beginning as the Louisiana Chapter, the Baton Rouge Chapter is proud to be recognized as the first and longest continually active chapter in existence.

We are an association of workplace learning and performance professionals from corporate, academic and community entities across south Louisiana. Learn more about our membership benefits and the services we offer by browsing the rest of our web site. We're glad you came to visit and look forward to meeting you at one of our meetings or professional development events.


The mission of the Baton Rouge Chapter of the Association for Talent Development is through exceptional learning and performance, we create a workforce that works better and a community committed to adult professional development. 


The vision of the Baton Rouge Chapter of the Association for Talent Development is to be a statewide leader in workplace learning and performance. 


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