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ATDBR January 2022 Membership Meeting - "Developing Competencies that support Collaborative Leadership"

  • Tuesday, January 25, 2022
  • 11:30 AM - 1:00 PM
  • Goodwood Library (Large Meeting Room) - 7711 Goodwood Blvd, Baton Rouge, LA 70806


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January 2022 ATDBR Meeting

Topic: Developing the Competencies that support Collaborative Leadership in a Modern Performance Environment

Date/Time:  January 25, 2022 (11:30a-1:00p)

Location:  Goodwood Library (Large Meeting Room)
** Virtual/Remote Participation available as registration option**

Session Summary:

Increased collaboration within modern organizational processes requires greater inclusion of increasingly diverse participants, which offers both benefits and challenges.  The benefits include more diverse eyes on target, better informed decisions, improved acceptance of change requirements, and alignment with modern socio-cultural values.  The costs include process losses associated with increased time allocated to processing the input of more participants, managing the conflict associated with diverse perspectives, and increased exposure of organizational decision-making processes to the push and pull of excessive self-interest.  Modern leaders are increasingly expected to resolve the challenge of these often opposing forces.  They are under increasing pressure to be more collaborative and secure the associated benefits, while at the same time required to be more focused, efficient and decisive, especially in a hyper dynamic and competitive world with much shorter deadlines. 

There has been a significant proliferation in new leadership models that try to address this challenge, including things like emotionally intelligent leadership, authentic leadership, servant leadership and many others.  Unfortunately, many of these models remain overly abstract and do not provide clear and detailed competency descriptions for modern leaders and those that support them.  Recently, a group of interdisciplinary academics, consultants and practitioners worked on integrating modern models of collaborative leadership, and they produced a detailed competency pyramid that has provided a new roadmap for leadership development efforts in organizations like Microsoft and Boeing.  This presentation will introduce you to this new integrated approach and will provide you with an opportunity to experience some of the central intra and interpersonal competencies contained within the new competency pyramid that supports collaborative leadership in a modern performance environment.

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Speaker: Dr. Graeme Coetzer
Associate Professor of Human Resource, Organizational and Community Development | Southern University

Dr. Graeme Coetzer is an academic, executive and consultant who has designed and delivered education, management and consulting services for a wide variety of public, private and higher education organizations around the world. Dr Coetzer has taught at Universities in Canada, Australia, South Africa and the United States, and has won numerous teaching and research awards, including best paper awards at the Academy of Management and the Journal of Applied Behavioral Science, one of the top journals in his field. He has published over 30 research studies in reputable journals, and authored numerous consulting reports.

Dr Coetzer is one of the leading researchers examining the influence of cognitive disorders on both positive and challenging workplace behavior. Graeme received his PhD in Human Resource, Organizational and Community Development from the Business School at Simon Fraser University in Canada, which is ranked among the top business schools in the world.

Dr Coetzer has also held an executive position as the Director of Staff Development for the Workers Compensation System in British Columbia, Canada, and has provided a wide range of consulting services to public and private organizations including Microsoft, Google, Boeing, BP, Mercedes-Benz, Federal Government of Canada, the US State Department, and many others. Graeme has also designed and delivered a variety of unique community development services, including community development initiatives aimed at supporting the constructive experience of human differences in diverse communities around the world. He was recently asked to design and deliver insight, healing and reconciliation events in the wake of the Emmanuel 9 tragedy in South Carolina, and was subsequently asked to review and redesign the community relations development system for the state of South Carolina, and support the Martin Luther King Jnr week of celebration in Myrtle Beach. Graeme was previously the Director of the Bachelor of Professional Studies Program at the College of Charleston and is currently an Associate Professor at Southern University (Baton Rouge). Graeme grew up in Southern Africa and continues to promote higher education partnerships and private sector engagement in countries including Mozambique, Zambia and South Africa.

Event LUNCH Options

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 ATD Capability Model Alignment

ATD Baton Rouge strives to align our programming to the ATD Capability Model. This month's program aligns with the Building Personal Capacity. Click the image to view the competency model.   

This workshop supports the following ATD Competencies:

  • Impacting Organizational Capability
  • Developing Professional Capability
  • Building Personal Capability

Meeting Schedule
 Check-in Begins
  11:30 AM
 Announcements Begin
  11:45 AM
 Program Begins
  12:00 PM

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Pre-registration required.  No walk-ins.

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