ATD Baton Rouge Quarterly Newsletters

It is great to be an ATDBR Chapter Member because there are so many great things going on!  Our newsletter provides details on upcoming chapter events, updates from your Chapter President and Leadership Board, and connects you to great ATD content, research and articles. Check back regularly to get the latest news!

2023 Newsletters

2023 Q1 Newsletter.pdf

2023 Newsletters:

2023 Q1: 2023 Q1 Newsletter.pdf

2022 Newsletters:

2022 Q1: Q1 Newsletter FINAL.mp4

2022 Q2: 2022 Q2 Newsletter.pdf

2022 Q3: 2022 Q3 Newsletter.pdf

2022 Q4: 2022 Q4 Newsletter.pdf

2021 Newsletters:

2021 Q2:   ATDBR 2021 Q2 Newsletter

2021 Q3:   ATDBR 2021 Q3 Newsletter

2021 Q4:   ATDBR 2021 Q4 Newsletter

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